CBD Coffee: Medical Cannabis' Answer to A Perfect Blend

Updated: May 14, 2019

For many people, coffee is seen as a daily routine. However, being addicted to caffeine is

not bad for your health, especially if you complement it with something special like

cannabis to give you CBD infused coffee.

CBD coffee is a blend that makes people more blissful, energetic and reduces anxiety. The

growing trend for CBD coffee also reflects the love for non-smoked cannabis, a

situation that is also evident with the prominence of pot edibles, CBD infused fluids, and

vaporized CBD oils.

CBD Coffee on the World Stage

Purveyors have indicated that many people around the world are now turning their

attention to CBD coffee and it will soon be an important factor in the coffee market.

Lucrative Health Benefits of CBD Coffee and it's Potency as a healthy Brain Drug are becoming much more known.

Caffeine's impact on the brain

Caffeine is used by most people to promote brain activity and keep ourselves active and

alert. Caffeine may lack energizing effects, but rather it keeps the receptors in our brain

from taking adenosine, a compound that relaxes our brain. Caffeine can replace the

adenosine compound and change (from tiredness to active) consistently. Studies have

shown that the effects of caffeine reduce by 50% after six hours.

Cannabis and its impact on the brain

Cannabis is made up of cannabinoids, which are found in our brains, making it different

from alcohol and other intoxicants. THC which is another cannabis compound is also a

natural transmitter of neurons in the brain. When your neurons are relaxed, your thoughts

stop transmitting, especially when you sleep. Cannabis can stop such breaks and help

increase our thoughts and creative abilities.

The combination of CBD and coffee gives you an amazing combination drug for your brain. They have the ability to boost the energy of your brain, keeps you focused, reduce anxiety and improves your mood.