Want To Try An Edible? Here Are 5 Things You Should Know

While Edibles have been consumed since 1000BCE by Hindus in ancient India, modern interest started to spark in the 50’s and have become ever-more popular thanks to Amsterdam Cafes.

Before you go ahead and consume the infamous space cake brownie or another delicious type of edible, you may need to understand some facts. This article highlights the five (5) things you need to know about Edibles, as a means of marijuana (cannabis) consumption.  

1. Understand the “High”

It’s an established fact that marijuana is a medium to get “high” or derive extra energy and inspiration to do things. It’s rather interesting to note that the level of intoxication differs from the method of consumption. Studies show that cannabis-infused foods tend to have a high level of intoxication.

In light of this, it’s imperative to understand the Edible "High" of cannabis before consumption. One thing you must look out for is the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. Most edibles have varied effects. Note that these edibles have the primary delegation of offering medical effects to the user. Such effects are relaxation and relief from anxiety and fatigue.

Therefore, you must know the THC content of the cannabis edible you want to consume. This way, you’ll be able to take the right dosage to avoid excessive psychedelic punch after consumption.

2. Don’t Forget to Read the Label

Reading the label of the edible is necessary and not optional. Just like the first tip above, reading the label helps you to discover the THC and CBD contents. These two are inherent ingredients in marijuana (cannabis). Doing so will help you to realize what you’re getting into.

Besides, you may be consuming the edible for either a medical or a recreational purpose. By looking through the label, you’ll discover the CBD and THC contents of the edible. This makes it easier to analyze how high the edible can make you after consumption.

3. Master Your Dosage

In spite of the fact that cannabis is gaining more adoptions in the medical industry, the larger population of users still consume it for recreational purposes. No matter the category you fall into, the rule of the thumb is that you should do your homework to discover the dosage that is right for you.

Having a mastery of your dosage of cannabis helps you to overcome the high that comes with the edible. Besides, as a newcomer/user to marijuana, you might find it hard to discover the dosage that suits your need. For that reason, you need to liaise with a doctor or an expert in cannabis to understand the milligram that is sufficient for you in a day. As a beginner, 5 milligrams per day is ideal for you.

4. The High Won’t Hit You  Right Away

Contrary to your experience with traditional smoking/vaping of cannabis, consuming edibles does not guarantee an immediate effect. Cannabis-infused foods (edibles) do not extend the ”high" at a short interval, as compared to smoking joints. Therefore, anytime you consume one, you should be ready to wait 1-3hrs before the effects hit you.

This happens because the body has to digest the THC and CBD contents of the edible before it releases the psychoactive effects that come with it. For this reason, you should exercise patience while waiting for the 1-3hr  timeframe before the high hits you.

5. Have Enough Food in your System

It’s worth noting that cannabis-infused foods (edibles) are medications on their own. Because of the medical effects that comes with it, it became imperative to accord it the same recognition as traditional medicines/drugs. Do you remember how you would consume a meal before taking medicine when ill? Extend the same approach to edibles.

Edibles tend to throw powerful punches (that it should) when you don’t have sufficient food in your stomach. Always eat till your satisfaction before consuming one. In addition, make sure the consumed food has sufficient nutritional value.

As a side note, avoid eating immediately after consuming your edible. Because of the longer timeframe before its high hits you, you may want to eat more food to quicken the process. You should rather wait for the 2-hour period for the psychoactive effects to hit you.

Try your Edible

You now have the tips in your palms. It’s now left for you to approach an accredited supplier, purchase a cannabis-infused food (edible) of your choice and launch yourself into a world of euphoric bliss. Enjoy!