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So, when Qin Zimo came out of the toilet, he found that although Yan Fei and Chen Shijian slept on the bed, they slept on both sides, back to back, and there were just some empty seats in the middle. Qin Zimo felt in his heart that Yan Fei and Chen Shijian were really good brothers, so he climbed into bed. At this time, Lin Luo followed Murong into the next room. In front of Lin Luo, Murong unloaded the serious expression he had disguised in front of Qin Zimo and others before, "You're here, too." Lin Luo nodded, "your identity is convenient this time." Lin Luo said is not wrong, Murong this time the object of possession is a policeman, want to do anything is justified, unlike Lin Luo, before doing so much, but in fact, there are many inconveniences. Apart from anything else,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, if Lin Luo's identity and Murong's identity drop one by one, then his message in the discussion group will not be questioned. Lin Luo and Murong exchanged the information they had with each other in the room. Lin Luo here, but has already grasped a lot of information. Yesterday Lin Luo tied up Chen Shijian, naturally not just to frighten him. Although Chen Shijian had no memory of being asked by his soul, Lin Luo asked all he knew. It turned out that their party was actually Chen Shijian's ghost. However, at the very beginning, Chen Shijian was also a victim. Not long ago,stainless steel squatting pan, Chen Shijian was invited to a party by his former classmates. Chen Shijian had not quit his job at that time, but he was free at that time, so he went to the party by appointment. However, he did not expect that after attending the party, they all suffered a lot of terrible experiences, and several of them died one after another. However, at the beginning, Chen Shijian did not know anything. Until Chen Shijian came back from working overtime one day and saw himself laughing in the bathroom mirror. Chen Shijian was frightened at that time, but the sly smile in the mirror was a flash, did not last much time, so Chen Shijian thought that he was wrong. But every night after that, Chen Shijian would see himself laughing in the mirror. It may have been a mistake once, but it's been two or three times. Chen Shijian felt frightened. He read a lot of ways to exorcise evil spirits on the Internet, stainless steel toilet ,Time Delay Faucet, but none of them were of any use. On the evening of the fourth day, Chen Shijian not only showed his eerie smile in the mirror, but also reached out and pinched his neck in the mirror. At the same time, Chen Shijian himself had the feeling of being strangled. Chen Shijian is also lucky, the mirror inside himself later disappeared, which also let Chen Shijian escape, but Chen Shijian's neck has left traces, the blue and purple pinch marks let Chen Shijan scared. It was a hot day, but Chen Shijian's neck was blue and purple. Later, Chen Shijian asked for leave from the company, and Chen Shijian went to inquire about ways to exorcise evil spirits. It was at this time that Chen Shijian heard that several of his friends who had attended the last party had died one after another. Besides, the way they died was very strange. They were all young and strong, but they died one after another. Chen Shijian couldn't help thinking of the horrible experiences he had encountered in the past few days. So Chen Shijian went to find Yan Fei, who also attended the party. Because this party was organized by Yan Fei and another friend. It's just that the other person has passed away in the past few days. Chen Shijian went to find Yan Fei, but Yan Fei's reaction was very cold, and he refused to believe what Chen Shijian said. Even after Chen Shijian exposed the blue and purple marks on his neck to Yan Fei, Yan Fei still had no reaction. This made Chen Shijian feel very dissatisfied, and after Chen Shijian went back, the more he thought about it, the more strange he felt. How would he react if he were Yan Fei and heard that so many friends who had attended the party had died? And how would he react when her friend came to him and even showed the scars on his body? Chen Shijian thought for a long time and felt that he would never react like Yan Fei. Although Yan Fei has always been very silent, and seems to be a very cold person. But in fact, this is just Yan Fei's character, but really contacts, we all feel that Yan Fei is a good friend. Otherwise, Yan Fei's popularity will not be good enough to organize a class reunion. But this time, Chen Shijian said the situation was so serious, but Yan Fei was still indifferent? During this period, Chen Shijian's experience made him think a lot more, so Chen Shijian felt that Yan Fei's response was strange. When Chen Shijian found that Yan Fei was organizing a gathering of friends, Chen Shijian blocked Yan Fei again. After Chen Shijian tore his face and even forced him to ask, Chen Shijian finally knew what was going on. And the reason why these people will encounter terror experience or even death, and Yan Fei can not get rid of the relationship, this is to say lightly, in fact, is Yan Fei for his own life to pass the danger to these people. It turned out that before this party, Yan Fei had attended a party. Like this experience, after the party, several people died one after another, and Yan Fei himself had a terrible experience. But Yan Fei is very clever, but from the death of these people to perceive the order of death. Yan Fei found that the order of death of his friends was related to their performance in the villa. According to this order, Yan Fei's death order is exactly the last one. But Yan Fei found a lot of ways,Time Delay Tap, but did not avoid the death of the continued occurrence. And before Yan Fei, all those people died, and then Yan Fei was left alone.


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