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"It's very simple. You only need to date 60 times, anoint 30 times, and then you can conquer it up to 10 times." Said Cher. Tao Wen Yan was suddenly stupefied and immediately said with a wry smile, "You give me a detailed explanation of these requirements." As for what Cher said, although he had guessed more than nine layers, it was not a big mistake to know more information. Cher smiled and said, "There's no need to say too much about oiling and dating. One is to help nv children put on sunscreen, and the other is to walk around the beach casually. You don't have to do anything, just walk around for an hour.". In terms of terminology, the top is high.; o, this is the last task that the master needs to complete, and this task, the master can only rely on the hands and mouth to operate, can not go to the real. "And do not meet the above conditions, even if the master according to the strength to conquer each other, the data will all be cleared.". Enter the game of reinventing the wheel; [ Qishu Network] in the state. The main function of this copy is to test the master's control over the face. It will also be very helpful for the owner to break through the heart period in the future. Speaking of this, Cher slanted her head and said after a little thought, "Yes, and during the period of the top, the master can't use the method to suppress it, otherwise, it will be calculated as a failure." Startled, Tao immediately asked, "Why?" If you do not exercise to suppress, in the face of such a person's less nv, if you do not move,tube lip gloss, do not want to move, then he is not a normal man. Cher smiled when she heard this. "Did the master forget your main plan for coming out this time?" "What plan can there be? It's experience." Ye Tao is suspicious; 。“ Yes, it is experience, but this experience requires the master to experience himself as an ordinary person, which not only includes the time to face love; It also includes facing other people's affairs, but master, did you really do it? Cher asked in reply. No Ye Tao gave a wry smile and said, "Xiu Wei is there. I can't help but apply it. What do you say?" "Easy to do, that is,pump tube, under gravity, when the master needs to practice very much, it can relieve gravity, when the master does not need, it has been under gravity, so that it can not only help the master's practice, but also let the master experience the pleasure of being an ordinary person." Cher said. All right, you'll supervise in the future. Ye Tao shrugged his shoulders. For him, now that the bullets have broken his body defense, he really doesn't worry about what damage he will get. The only thing is that he lacks some strength. OK Cher's little hand immediately waved. In a flash, Ye Tao felt a heavy body, as if there was a mountain pressing down, the body unconsciously bent, the body's magic, as if into a heavy swamp, extremely difficult to operate. However, with the operation of a small circle of exercises, the effect of the practice obtained, polyfoil tube ,plastic laminted tube, compared with the ordinary period, is not only no less, but also feels so insignificant. This made Ye Tao completely relieved, as long as he did not delay his practice. The latest and fastest chapter, please visit [Qishu. Net] Reading is a kind of enjoyment. I suggest you collect it. Chapter 193 brother, can you date with me? [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: 2012-4-32 1:34:12 Words in this chapter: 5098 At this time, the charming girl beside Ye Tao asked pitifully, "Brother, can you date with me?" "Yes." Ye Tao Wen Yan shook his head with a wry smile and said, with the girl's superb appearance and overbearing figure, if he really said this sentence outside, it would be strange if the man in the world did not break his head. Thank you, brother, you are so kind. The girl jumped for joy and cheered, then enthusiastically took Ye Tao's arm and headed for the white beach. Ye Tao, wearing a half-sleeve, felt his arm falling into a soft place, and a strange feeling surged all over his body. At first, he was able to calm down, but as time went on, the situation gradually lost control, and he felt a stream of heat flowing directly from the Dantian to the abdomen. In order to suppress the negative emotions, Ye Tao took a deep breath and found out some information stored in the system of Happy Beach, which was a general understanding of the situation. However, the information recorded by this system is not too complete, and there are still many differences. Just like now, Ye Tao looked at the girl's sweet and charming smile, and unconsciously stretched out his ghost hand and pressed it in front of the girl's murder weapon. But with the chaos, his ears also sounded the system's prompt, "because the host fouled during the date, everything is cleared and started from scratch." "Nima, you can still do that." Ye Tao's face was full of shock. Isn't this just like a sentence in the proverb. Only Zhou Guan can set fire, not the common people can light a lamp! And he can only accept the temptation, can not touch, this is too suffocating. No matter suffocating, not suffocating, Ye Tao can only endure. This forbearance, is the past ten days, in addition to taking advantage of the young girl Michiko rest period, Ye Tao can practice for eight hours, the rest of the time is in torture. He is like a hard-working bee, constantly working hard for the beautiful flowers to add charm, but he can not really enjoy the last "fruit". At this moment, Ye Tao is in a sandy beach, distracted, while putting his hand into Michiko's narrow black translucent gauze skirt, gently moving, stimulating each other's nerves, while listening to Michiko's psychedelic singing, and staring at the perfect and dreamlike figure with fire in his eyes, and finally running slowly and unreachable skills to curb the crazy growth in his chest. He's going crazy, he's really going crazy! This beauty and wisdom is not only a perfect figure to an extreme, even if the singing sound, but also seems to put people's mind into it. Moreover, in this short period of ten days, Michiko's swimsuits and all kinds of suits are no less than 50 sets, each set has its own characteristics,cosmetic tube packaging, each set is so tempting to the hearts of the people, the small day animation and V in the clothing, almost a small interpretation of a small time.


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