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Gba Auto Trainer Maker




Available for Linux, MacOS, and Windows. GBAATM-Rebirth is an indie gamestudio project, founded by myself, a developer called Sam, and Oleg, who's also a co-founder of the project. Our goal is to bring back the good old GBA after making some improvements. However, we know that's not enough so we're expanding our open-source project and open it to everyone, hoping that GBAATM-Rebirth 1.0.0 can help you make your own indie gamestudio by providing all the necessary resources. Thanks to the efforts of GBAATM-Rebirth, GBAATM-Rebirth officially supports cross-platform support between all the major operating systems: macOS, Linux and Windows. Let's check out all the exciting features that we are going to offer in this version: 1. GBAATM-Rebirth is now open-source, so anyone can edit, mod and give back. 2. We are not only expanding our project, but we are also open-sourcing every component of GBAATM-Rebirth. This includes the content, audio, and various visuals. We are even open-sourcing the tools we used in our project. We want to spread and share the knowledge. 3. We have updated our custom build of GBAATM-Rebirth. All the original files are being merged into a single executable. There are several changes and new features that we added. 4. We are also adding a new option, called GBAATM-Rebirth menu, which is based on It is a cross-platform menu with several options, so you can access all the necessary tools in a simple way. 5. We are expanding and improving the GameBans, GameCheats, GameHack, and GameSave features to provide greater flexibility and control. 6. Other changes and improvements have been made to optimize the build. 7. We also removed all the unnecessary files to reduce the size of the application. In total, GBAATM-Rebirth contains 68 mods and 19 tools. Almost every tool or mod we added has its own description, but we’d like to leave the details to the tool creators themselves. We are grateful to all the contributors who created content and tools, sharing them with others and helping G




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Gba Auto Trainer Maker

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